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Taking into consideration the existing context and needs , adult education reform as a part of the reform of the entire education system (especially vocational) covers four basic strategic goals:
  • Opening regular schools for adults, i.e. adapting their programmes and organisation to the needs of adults
  • Revitalization of the existing network of institutions and organizations for adult education and training
  • Establishing new institutions and organisations for adult education such as regional centres for adults or other types of institutions for adult education. Regional centres for adults are institutions adjusted via open curricula to the needs of the economy and the labour market.
  • Strengthening the educational function of the enterprises and the development of the possibility of workplace learning

The third of these strategic goals includes establishing of adult education regional training centres as leading regional institutions for vocational training, capacity building and training for adults. Their activities will support the economic development of regions through the rapid, high quality response to needs for knowledge, skills and competences.

The basic activities of regional training centres are:

1) development and realisation of:
  • curricula of vocational education for adults (from individual modules to full curricula of vocational education leading to general qualification),
  • curricula for vocational training (I and II level of vocational qualification);
  • curricula for vocational short-term training;
  • curricula for postsecondary vocational education;
  • curricula for continuous vocational training;
  • curricula for non-formal education for specific needs.
2) accreditation of previous learning and knowledge and skills gained in a non-formal way;

3) information, counselling and guidance in the selection of programmes of short-term training, training and career guidance in education according to individual preferences, needs of the local community and the labour market. This is realised in close cooperation with regional and local employment services.

By combining criteria for selection, five VET schools have been choosen in order to widen their activities for adult students and, following defined procedures acquire the status of regional training centres for adults. The selected schools are:

1. Secondary School of Civil Engineering``Neimar``, Nis
2. Secondary Technical School, Kragujevac
3. Mining and Metallurgy School, Bor
4. Secondary School of Chemistry, Food Treatment and Textile " Uroš Predic", Zrenjanin
5. Technical School 'Novi Beograd', Beograd

Regional training centers for adults are supposed to start their activities from the begining of school 2004/2005.

Vocational Education and Training Reform Programme
 This project is funded by the European Union -  www.europa.rs