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`Our work in the future will be improved certainly by open conversations, practical examples and the exchange of experience with other colleagues.` (A comment made by one of the principals in an anonymous evaluation sheet filled in by a seminar's participants)

`I have learnt how to make classroom work done more quickly. I have failed to do this earlier but now I know how to make things better. There are seminars that come and go with no improvement made but it is not the case with this one. ` (A comment made by one of the teachers in an anonymous evaluation sheet filled in by a seminar's participants)

The training courses for the principals and 25 teachers from vocational schools involved in the VET Reform Programme Phase II were organised at the end of February and the beginning of March 2008 in the Regional Centre for the Professional Development of the Employed in Education, Nis . The chosen schools have been recommended by the pilot schools' principals. The Ministry of Education agreed with the selection made. Apart from presenting the results of the pilot schools to those schools providing for the same field of education, which makes the exchange of experience, dissemination and the adoption of the best practices in the past two years possible, vocational two-day training courses have been organised for the principals and teachers as well.

Principals' training
The seminar organised for the principals of 25 schools which have not been involved in the VET Reform Programme Phase II as pilots was held on 25th-29th February 2008. During the training course the principals as well as their colleagues from the pilot schools have been presented with the activities of modern vocational school management: the development of strategies, team building and a team-like organisation of school, organisational development and school's promotion.

Teachers' training
Instead of internal and external Change Agent Teachers (CAT), the schools which have not been involved in the pilot have been allowed to choose one teacher to take a teachers' training course. The teachers are to further train their school colleagues after the seminar has been over. The training course, held from 3 rd to 7 th March 2008 was dedicated to new teaching methods and motivation, the communication and interpretation skills' development necessary for successful teaching but also to the teaching techniques necessary for vocational teachers.


Additional Support to VET Reform Programme
 This project is funded by the European Union -  www.europa.rs