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A demonstration of a veterinary technician Matura examination (practical part) was given in the secondary agricultural school " Sonja Marinković" in Požarevac on Friday 4th May 2007. The practice lesson teachers from the schools in which the students are going to take Matura examination according to new curricula this year had a chance to get familiar with the procedure.

Veterinary technicians are educated according to new reformed curriculum implemented in nine schools in Serbia . Apart from the changes in learning materials, organization of theoretical and practical lessons, changes have also been made in the way of taking Matura exam.

  Mrs Mirjana Đurić, Republic Coordinator of the Programme, a veterinarian by vocation, presented to the colleagues from the nine schools providing education in accordance with the new curricula all the parts of Matura exam individually, starting with the structure and assessment to the organization and the way of taking the exam.

A Matura examination should show whether a student acquired knowledge, skills and basic competences for the chosen vocation by certain educational profile after finishing school. The Matura examination is divided into three parts: language and literature (the language which was used during the school period), theoretical knowledge related to a specific vocation and Matura examination (practice-based part).

The practice-based part of Matura examination takes place in a school or the premises providing adequate conditions. There are three new main competences of a veterinary technician:

- Animal health care;
- Breeding and reproduction;
- Hygiene and animal care.

A student gets one assignment for each competency and shows his/her skills in front of the commission consisting of a social partner (veterinarian) and two teachers (veterinarians working in the school). The marks given by each member individually are summed up by the commission to get the total number of points which is then made into final score - result.


This demonstration of Matura examination was also a chance for students to have their own `rehearsal`. Although performing in front of a numerous audience and having stage fright, the students demonstrated the four assignments successfully.

Please take a look at the presentation with all the details concerning a Veterinarian technician Matura exam - pilot.



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